Quick Carbonating Keg Lid

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Quick Carbonating Keg Lid

This carbonating lid is perfect for carbonating your Beer, Soda or coffee. The lid can be moved from keg to keg, so there is no need to purchase one for every keg you own, but a couple might be nice! Unlike traditional carbonating stone systems that attach permanently to the bottom of a keg, this one can be easily removed and cleaned. This carbonating lid features:

  • The lid is stainless steel and goes on the same as the lid that came with your keg.
  • The carbonating stone is attached with to a swivel nut with an MFL connection. This allows you to quickly remove the stone for cleaning and boiling.
  • The hose is USA made, NSF approved Bevlex 200 hose. The same hose we use on our draft systems.
  • The o-rings used are the same found on a homebrewing/soda keg, so it is easy to maintain.
  • Works for beer, mixed drinks, soda, sparkling water, sparkling wine, coffee and other beverages.

Directions for use.

  • Boil the carbonating stone for a couple of minutes before first use. We recommend boiling in distilled or RO water to avoid mineral buildup.
  • Get your beverage cold. The colder the better. Beer and soda should be between 34 and 38 degrees with the colder temperature resulting in faster carbonating times.
  • Actual use of the carbonating stone will vary depending on the beverage you are carbonating. Here are some general guidelines:
    • Soda/Carbonated Water – pressure up keg to around 40PSI. Exact pressure will depend on how highly carbonated you want the beverage to be.
    • Beer – Set the PSI to the pressure you want to serve the beer. Here is a good article on beverage carbonation levels. A good general rule of thumb is that most beers are served between 10 and 12 PSI, so 11 PSI is a good compromise.
    • Other beverages would use a similar method and you can read the article linked in the bullet point above to view levels of carbonation.
    • Once the beverage is ready (Approx 12 to 24 hours). You can taste it to see if it is at the level you like. If not, turn up the PSI slightly and try again in 24 hours.
    • Quick carb method…..You can carbonate beer faster by setting the stone at a higher PSI, like 40PSI and then checking it frequently to see if it is carbonated. Just be careful not to over carbonate. Agitation also helps speed up carbonation.
    • Clean your carbonating stone well after use. Remember it is easy to take on and off from the hose using the threaded connection. We recommend boiling for a couple of minutes after each use. Do not boil the hose! Do not touch the stone with your fingers as the oil will clog up the pores of the carbonating stone.