Stainless Steel Domed False Bottom 12″

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The Domed 12″ False Bottom covers the entire bottom of a 10 gallon mash tun or hot liquor tank which makes for sparging and draining much easier and faster. BUT, be warned because the 12" false bottom is a tight fit and may scratch the side of your cooler when removing for cleaning. Some brewers prefer it over a smaller size.

Made from high quality stainless steel and allowing for superb filtering and maximum liquid flow, the 12" Domed False Bottom is exceedingly durable. Dome top sits 1/2 from the bottom and is equipped with an elbow-style 3/8" barb fitting offering ease of use with running side tubing and detaching for cleaning.


  • Diameter: 12″
  • Dome Height: ½″
  • Fitting: ⅜″ Barb
  • Dome top: 1/2" from bottom