4 Faucet Fridge Flow Control Kit

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Kegconnection is very excited to introduce this four faucet kegging kit that include CMBecker Flow control faucets, like the X1 Flow Control Faucet and the stainless steel V10 Flow Control Faucet. We pride ourselves on offering only the finest parts and equipment in our kegging kits and there is no finer flow control faucet than the CMBecker brand with long restriction cone that goes into the special shank and gives you complete control over restriction.   These faucets are made in Germany from Stainless Steel and food grade plastic parts.  These Kits also also feature genuine CMB disconnects.

These kits also include larger USA made liquid lines that are dual durometer, with a blue outside color to indicate the beer line and a clear, harder interior where the line touches the beer.  These 5/16 ID lines make it possible to pour beer fast, while the flow control faucet eliminates any foaming issues normally associated with larger ID lines.  The gas lines are red to make them easily identifiable.  

This kit features a USA made Taprite Regulator, the best in the industry.  Kegconnection offers an extended two year warranty on Taprite regulators at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!  View warranty by clicking here.   

Some of the Benefits of this Flow Control Faucet Kit include:

  • Complete control over restriction and foam.  If you kegerator heats up or cools down you can just turn a knob to adjust restriction and limit foam.  This allows you to pour beer faster and with complete control over the head you produce.  These faucets also allow you to add additional extra creamy foam at the end of the pour for a perfect head.
  • The Taprite regulator is a UL approved regulator has too many features to list here, click here for a complete description.
  • CMB disconnects are the best in the industry.  They are made in Germany and assembled and tested in the USA.  They are NSF Approved (USA and international) , SK Approved (European) and feature FDA approved materials.  No disconnect is manufactured to better standards.
  • Kegconnection carries parts for the faucets, regulator, disconnects and all other components in this kit.  This means that you can fix any portion of this kit in the future.  No disposable components in this kit! 
  • Backed by Kegconnection's famous guarantee and customer support.  If you are not happy we will make it right!