Gas or Beer Hose, Clear, 1/4" ID , 1/2" OD Braided

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We normally sell 5/16 hose for gas connections, but some people prefer using 1/4" We DO NOT recommend using this hose for beer lines unless you need a longer length (16+') or less restriction.  It will NOT provide enough restriction and you will get much more foaming in most cases. If needing hose for liquid lines, 3/16" hose should be used. This hose is rated for beer and is dual durometer with a harder hose on the inside, just like the 3/16 and 5/16 hoses of this style.

This tubing is perfect for FLOW CONTROL installations (view our complete selection of flow control faucets here OR our flow control kegging kits here) and is commonly used in soda or sparkling water set ups. Contact us if you have any questions or need help configuring your draft system!