Nuka Tap Stainless Steel Flow Control Faucet

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The NukaTap Flow Control faucet features a forward sealing design with flow control. Forward-sealing faucets keep beer behind the sealing valve, making cleaning much easier. It also reduces off flavors spoiling the beer during the pour. Flow control allows the ability to set flow and

balance at the faucet head allowing you to adjust for all levels of carbonation without the worry of adjusting the Co2 regulator.

This faucet is similar to the Intertap line of faucets, but with better laminar flow and reduced first pour foam due to its lower thermal mass. The NukaTap works with all Intertap accessories with the exception of the self-closing spring. The NukaTap FC uses a specially designed self-closing spring.

  • stainless steel
  • TPV Shuttle
  • EPDM O-Rings
  • SS Body with Chrome finish