Soda Carbonating Kits with No CO2 Bottle

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This kit allows you to Carbonate Soda, Soda Water, Juice, beer or almost any other beverage using a standard 2 Liter Soda Bottle. All you do is put the liquid in the bottle leaving a little room on the top (couple of inches is fine) then put on Carbonator cap, squeeze out excess air and turn on the CO2. Keep pressure between 30 and 40 PSI and shake bottle for 1 minute. This will carbonate your beverage! The key is getting the beverage very cold before carbonating. Use in conjunction with our Soda kits, or use your own soda recipe. We often use it around here to make sparkling water. The 5 # CO2 version has bottle that can be filled at your local welding shop. The 20 oz can be filled anywhere they fill paint ball cylinders (lots of these places around. we ship these empty though due to federal laws) They will both carbonate a lot of bottles! Customers have reported getting about 45 litres from a 20 oz bottle. Please look below for options.

Includes Stainless Steel Carbonation Cap!!

(NOTE, Bottle in photo is for illustration only. Just use a standard 2 liter soda bottle.)

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    Strong Carbonation

    Posted by Zac on 19th Aug 2019

    I bought this because I found that soda stream was a) too expensive with proprietary bottles/co2 and b) just too weak with the carbonation. This is the answer to those problems. I carbonate my soda water at 40psi and get painfully strong seltzer which is how I like it, and you can dial it in to however strong you want. You can also carbonate anything you want...yes I carbonated Fireball whiskey and it was surprisingly good.

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    Posted by Ryan on 25th Jul 2018

    Oh my goodness!! It's SO EASY!! Step 1. Buy Soda Kit (w/o bottle) 2. Add a C02 tank (easily sourced locally by using google maps looking for "C02 tank." 3. Easily make more fizzy water than you could drink in TWO YEARS!!! No kidding. 2 YEARS!! I purchased a 20 lb tank yesterday for $113 (filled). 20 lbs of C02 will fill 725 2 liter bottles!! So if you can drink a whole 2 liter of la Croix, San Pelegrino etc. a day, you'll need to spend around $20 in two years when you refill your tank.
    Combined I spent just over $200. A Sodastream is around $100 at Costco and you need to refill their 20oz aprox every week or two. NO WAY!! That's a rip-off!

    THANK YOU Keg Connection!! It's SO SO easy. The directions are great! If you get lost just go to Youtube & get sorted out.

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    Excellent kit

    Posted by Derek on 15th Apr 2018

    Had no leaks in any of the lines/components. everything feels to be of great quality.

    Forget about the *Stream brand this is a fantastic option which do not even compare in terms of carbonation/cost savings one gets per tank refill from the 5lb tanks.