Stainless Steel Wort Chiller 50'

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Our wort chillers designed with home brewers in mind. We designed these chillers by experimenting with prototypes and other brands while we brewed beer, so we could determine what features worked best in a variety of brewing situations. We are proud of this product and its features which include:

  • One side is shorter than the other so when you space out the coils they become even.
  • We made these chillers tall enough to be used in a variety of kettles. They also work very well in brew buckets, so you can use two at a time, one as a pre-chiller with ice and the other as an immersion chiller. In our system we use the 50’ for immersion and the 25’ as the pre-chiller….this works fantastic, even with 15 gallon batches of beer!
  • We connect the hose directly to the tubing using a stainless steel worm clam. This eliminates leaking found on some chillers that have water hose fittings on the tubing, which can be difficult to connect in a kettle and can produce leaking issues.  
  • We offer options for hose types and lengths, so you can customize your chiller to your system! Some people use just the tubing for draining the hot water on exit and some like to connect this to a water hose, so we offer both options.
  • These chillers are made of high quality 304SS steel with a 3/8 diameter for years of dependable service.
  • Our 50’ coil is 25” tall when compressed, and 8 ½” wide, which we found to be the perfect width to fit a variety of kettles and buckets.  

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